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Take your skin and self-care to the next level with our exclusive Haus Membership. In addition to the benefits of preventative and maintenance impacts from monthly facials, you'll a master esthetician that knows your skin and can help you know your own skin better to address your specific issues or skin desires.


Best of all, perhaps the biggest benefit of our Haus Membership is that you will save money! If you are regularly getting facials, you will save money with discounted monthly treatments, as well as any additional products you might purchase at the studio!

Monthly Haus Signature Facial

Plus Save 10% off All Additional Skin, Brow, Lash and Waxing Services


See the Magic

Complimentary Curated Skin Mapping done quarterly to create customized plans and keep track of progress


Save on Products

Save 20% off Products at First Session & Save 10% Off Anytime Shopping


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